Inbound Rules and SSRS

I spent 1 day trying to figure out what was wrong in the following scenario:

–          In the new UAT environment all the BI components are working perfectly but I can’t access the Reporting Services “Reports” virtual directory from a remote machine. After reviewing all configurations, security, etc. everything seems to be working fine.

–          Using my personal user I can access the “Reports” virtual directory where I can see the reports and I can run them with no problem. But this only works if I am logged in the UAT machine itself. If I try to access the virtual directory from my desktop computer, Internet Explorer just can’t connect.

As you can imagine I tried many things, but all with no success to fix this problem, until finally I recalled that Windows Server 2008 R2 has a pretty tight closed default configuration. The only thing that I needed to do was to allow inbound connections to SSRS ports (80 and 141). That was all! J

To allow inbound connections you just need to create a new Inbound Rule in the Server Manager console: Image

Create a New Rule that allows TCP ports 80 and 141 to access the server:


In the Action step, leave the default option “Allow the connection” selected.

In the “Profile” step I select only “Domain” option as the rest don’t apply to my scenario, but feel free to select the others to fit yours.

Finally enter a name for the new rule like “Reporting Services”.

Last step to do is to limit the rule to apply only to running services instead to all running services and programs. For this just double click the new created rule, go to “Programs and Services” tab and click on the “Settings” button in the “Services” section:


In the new window choose the second option called “Apply to Services only”.

Now you can access Reporting Services “Reports” virtual directory from a remote machine 🙂

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One comment on “Inbound Rules and SSRS
  1. Probably why my SQL 2012 SSRS environment isn’t working properly. Will give this a try, thanks.

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