Getting rid of Excel Services scrollbars

Excel Services scrollbards in SharePoint sites… you know, I know, we know… they know! How ugly and annoying they can be. Finally I discovered how to get rig of them, and it is quite easy:

Before screenshot:


On the right hand-side of the screenshot you can see the double scrollbars. The internal one belongs to the Excel Services web part and the external to SharePoint. It doesn’t matter how big you web part is, the scrollbar is always there if you publish your entire sheet or workbook.

You can always publish selected objects in your workbook, which will solve the double scrollbars problem. But this solution won’t work if you use slicers in your Excel files to make it easier for final users to filter report’s data. For this scenario you need to use Names.

In Excel, select the cells that cover your entire report. For example from cell A:1 to Q:33. Then we will give a Name to that area by clicking in the “Formulas”tab in the ribbon and selecting the “Define Name” option:


Give a name to the new Name:


And finally publish only the new defined Name:


Named areas can include any Excel objects, graphs, tables and slicers. Once published you just need to give the enough real state to your webpart to accomodate the published named area and the double scrollbars problem will be gone:


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3 comments on “Getting rid of Excel Services scrollbars
  1. Aser says:

    Excelent tip/trick ! well done Jordi

  2. […] scrollbars « BI with JB Posted: August 14, 2012 in Microsoft (Windows OS & Office) 0 Getting rid of Excel Services scrollbars « BI with JB. Share this:LinkedInTwitterDiggBloggerLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]

  3. James says:

    Good time but how do you stop the EWA from highlighting the range when opened in SharePoint? For example I have a hyperlinks in my sheets to other named ranges, the SharePoint EWA automatically highlights the area when you navigate through the hyperlinks – infuriating.

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