SSAS Deployment Wizard Error

This error occurs when you are trying to use the SSAS Deployment Wizard, typically when wishing to deploy a staging/development SSAS database to production. The wizard is unable to complete the deployment with the following error message:

“08001: Named Pipes Provider: Could not open a connection to SQL Server”

The error message even encourages you to have a look in SQL Server Books Online for help. I didn’t have much success, but good old Google yield the following solution:

Problem Description:The SQL Server Client Network Utility has TCP/IP or Named Pipes disabled.

Suggested Actions:

  1. Run the SQL Server Client Network Utility tool by executing cliconfg.exe from the Run window.
  2. Verify that the Enabled protocols by order column lists both TCP/IP andNamed Pipes.

Run this wizard in both source and destination servers to ensure that both servers can use the same communication mechanism.

In my particular case, after doing this step I still had a unable to connect to database X error. This error was due to impersonation configuration in the metadata. Solved by typing the password for the impersonated user in the Deployment Wizard.

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