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New Year… New life… New architecture

The new year is bringing big changes for me. Even though I’m still in the same company we have decided to bring a totally new BI platform, the good old SAP BW plus his companion the BO Suite. As I’m

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Because is better to have a map…

… than to wander around with no clue where are you heading. Specially if you are in the middle of the SAP tables jungle. Download the SAP Tables Map: SAP Tables Relation Diagram

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Why 1753?

In SQL Server the minimum date that you can enter is the 1st of January 1753. If you are extracting data from SAP, as I’m doing, you will see this particular date if a null date is extracted. This date

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Importing data from SAP using parameters

In the previous entry, ‘Importing data from SAP’, I detailed how to import data from SAP to SQL Server, but every time that process is executed, it imports all available data from the SAP query to SQL Server, so there

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BOM (Bill-Of-Materials) Scenario with SQL Server Analysis Services 2008 R2

While working on a Business Intelligence project where the data source is SAP R/3 and data is fetched directly from the SAP tables using SSIS 2008 with the Microsoft BizTalk SAP Connector; everything was smooth until one day I had to replicate

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