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Fact Tables with Multiple Dates

Tricky issue… You have a fact table that has more than one date. In our example the FactPurchaseDocument table. Each Purchase Document (PD onwards) has two important dates, Creation Date and Document Date (a.k.a Posting Date). Users some times want

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SSAS Deployment Wizard Error

This error occurs when you are trying to use the SSAS Deployment Wizard, typically when wishing to deploy a staging/development SSAS database to production. The wizard is unable to complete the deployment with the following error message: “08001: Named Pipes

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Inbound Rules and SSAS

Like SSRS, SSAS also needs to be allowed to be contacted from the outside throught the Windows Firewall. In my case I have one dedicated server (A) for SSAS and a separate server (B) for SSIS and DBS. Is in this

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Dim Country

There are some dimensions that are in almost all cubes, for example DimTime. If our cube handles HR data or Logistic data most probably will have also a DimCountry. This dimension normally contains fields like CountryName, Region, etc. A field

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Show last cube data update date and time

During a workshop session a user requested to know exactly at what time the last data refresh occurred. I think that it is a very fair request and I started investigating to find what could be a good way to

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UOM as a Measure

In the last post, I explained how to add the Last Update Date to a Scorecard. In this post, we will go for the Units column. UOM as a Measure The problem with the UOM (Units of Measure) is similar

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Date as a Measure

Scorecards have KPIs with measures that can be aggregated like value or quantity, but what about having Date and Units (UOM: Units of Measure) also? Dates and Strings cannot be aggregated, but there is a little trick in SSAS to

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